At Least Be Funny

You can set up that command with any phrase that begins with, “If you can’t be…” In the case of my childhood, where I would probably say, “If you can’t be free of this horror…” and I’ll try to remember all the ways I was funny as a sense of humor was my first best defense.

Monkey in the Middle

Emancipation comes to mind as an easy way to relate to my greatest goal through my high school years. My desire to be free, to be completely self-reliant, with an opportunity to build the good man I had hoped to become was nearly derailed by my need for love. Any semblance of love would do.

The Last Two with One to Go

This one began on November 1, 2017. Three prime numbers, eleven, one, and seventeen, is oddly perfect. Even though this will be some heavy pain, as I write this now on March 4, 2018, I know this will be the best part of the story. Now is best.