Photo by Darrell Cassell on Unsplash


Walking along or just standing on the beach in conversation with this wise elder proves to be monumentally beneficial to this author. With patience and humility, Addison offers suggestions for making progress through tumultuous times. Lesson, plan, and “lessen-plan.” Yes, he said it twice and he knew I would get it. His play on words was a real kick in the pants!

Your Move

Having called out to the universe for help with planning, indeed, I had simply asked for a plan, the universe answered with Pfc. Addison Collins. This character was created for the simple purpose of telling his WWII stories about his experience and his “brothers in arms” buddies. He has now become a source of ancient wisdom. In the time he has left here in this world, Addison has become a gift to his creator.

While in meditation, Addison joins me in an experience on the shores of Daytona Beach, where I wander and ponder. As much as meditation is intended to quiet the mind, so many thoughts come in waves of wonder. My little boy is there, too. He was the first to save my life, working through the little challenges we face as children. Things like not knowing what to do when faced with a very adult situation. Things like not understanding that empty feeling of uncertainty around your place in a family. That little guy suffered through some tough stuff, yet still persevered with nutrition and exercise and a commitment to making more of himself. I’m him now, although I often hold him in my arms and make him sure of my love for him and me.

Addison revels in his role as advisor. Not in a braggadocio way, as his humility will not allow it. But you can tell by his body language and the way he says things, he knows much joy while dispensing such pearls of wisdom. He also enjoys a bit of word-play, as in his telling me, “Lesson, plan, lessen-plan.”

There’s little need for him to spell things out for me. I just take notes and things are made quite clear.