Yes, I added “Bone” so it would be ABCDE. I’m not talking about the weather here, as the area suffered through near record-setting heat during my brief stay.

I’m hoping to soon forget the experience I had at a marketing agency in Denver, Colorado. Hard as they may have tried, two young ladies were unable to hide their horrified response to seeing an older man come through the door. I was asked if I understood this position was for “Event-based marketing” – as in, “YOU are NOT a young attractive female, so why are you here?” Image source:

This morning I crafted a response to an invitation to interview for a similar position.


While I’m grateful for the invitation to interview, I’ve discovered that I’m judged to be “not a good fit” for roles better suited to younger people. Said another way, you are likely looking for candidates who don’t have 35+ years of experience – those who are young and bright and eager to be molded into your vision of what is perfect for your needs.
In the nicest way possible I’m saying that it seems to me as though age discrimination is alive and well in the job market. Likewise, I would add that it would be difficult for hiring managers to justify my demand for higher wages when they can offer something less to someone with more room and time to grow.
So, thank you for the invitation. Respectfully and regrettably, I must decline.
Should you find you have a role for someone who enjoys writing and public speaking, you are welcome to contact me to contract my services.
Thanks, again.