Photo by Jaime Handley on Unsplash

People are going to ask, so you might want to think about your answer to the question. How is it that suddenly you have all of this money and a positive outlook on life? They might insist on having an answer to the first part first and they may not really care so much about the second part. And, what about you? Which answer matters most to you? In fact, you could just make up any crazy story about the source of your funds. But that second part, where you now find yourself with a sunny disposition, answer that first. You may always choose to be happy. That could become your new mantra.

Imagine you have a benevolent coach, one who seems to have the wisdom of the universe to share with you.  Name your coach if you must. Or, maybe just use that expression you used from that book you were reading five years ago, now. Do you remember, “E-Squared?” Lousy title, you always said, a tough one to remember. But that expression of a so-called, “FP” or as the author says, Field of Infinite Possibilities, is what we are thinking of naming here. Here is the full quote from one Experiment #1 in that book: “There Is an Invisible Energy Force or Field of Infinite Possibilities.” Let the FP be your coach and imagine the world as full of potential for your success.

If you must name it, or him or her, be creative. Use your imagination to think up a name you will enjoy using when in conversation with your muse. This will make it memorable and fun for you. Go ahead.