Search for Peace

Photo by Michael D Beckwith on Unsplash

One little phrase in a poem led me here. That phrase,
“whose scream to life
would echo”

….comprises two lines of this poem: [ through your heart ]

You can find that here:

I would share it with you here if not for the rigors of copyright.

The word echo often triggers a memory of my time at Lockheed, in Sunnyvale. Having worked a bit at the antenna lab, a building shaped like a feed horn, I had the opportunity to stand in the middle of an anechoic chamber.

Never had I experienced such emptiness. It felt cold in there, though the temperature was no different in that space. What was lacking was the reflected energy we normally feel. This is the purpose of that chamber, to absorb any reflected sound and the empty feeling I had came from the absence of anything I could hear. It caused a bit of anxiety in me, but I reveled in the absurdity of the moment and stood there. I recall shouting up to a guy looking down into the room and not hearing my own voice, I had no idea how well he could hear me. There isn’t much more to say on the topic, except to share a couple of links for your edification.

Anechoic Chamber – search results.

360 video of Anechoic Chamber, Salford University

John Cage, 4’33” from Wikipedia

John Cage – 4’33” mentioned in that YouTube video about these chambers.

This is the first of several stories from my past where there is no regret.
Next time I’ll tell you about the Hubble Space Telescope.