That Little Voice (TLV)

Conversation with That Little Voice (TLV) – 3rd Edition

This must be prefaced with an explanation from my “Blessings Count” document. In it, I advise myself to keep my smartphone handy, so I can use the note-keeping app there to capture any pearls of wisdom proffered by TLV.

Photo by John Salvino on Unsplash

So, of course, as soon as I step into the shower, TLV starts up with, “What will you do now?”

Me: Oh, you are SO funny. I love you, man, but come on!

TLV: You do recall me saying I’m always with you, right? Well, here I am. Where’s your smartphone now, wise guy?

Me: Great. What’s up?

TLV: I’ve got a few ideas for your writing.

Me: So do I.

TLV: Don’t fight me on this, just take notes. Oh, that’s right, no note keeper, ha!

Me: Doesn’t matter, let’s have it.

TLV: OK. Delta Rapids, Trade Your Past, Mark to Market, Scatter… are you getting this?

Me: Yeah, yeah, I got it. Tea, Noah, May, Ray, Law – what else?

TLV: What is that?

Me: You know very well what it is, I’m sure you were there when I was learning that, too.

TLV: Oh, that’s right! You Can Remember.

Me: Yes, you remember when I started that as a kid? Well, it still works.

TLV: Good for you. I’m impressed. Well done, my son.

Me: Thanks, mister. If you keep up with this complimentary stuff, I might suffer some pride here today.

TLV: You should be happy. Do you know what happened last night? You do remember, right? You are the one who said, “The Myth of Coincidence.” So, there we were feeding you all you could manage on your chosen frequency.
The connection was clear channel crystal perfect. If we were not so sure of the truth, we would be amazed.

Me: Wait, what? Who’s we?

TLV: Oh, now really, my boy, do you think I’m alone? What does the heavenly host mean to you?

Me: Oh, boy! Here we go. Religious stuff, seriously?

TLV: Ah, no. I’m talking purely universal energy here. You know, that Field of Potential stuff you read about in E-Squared. If you want to think of me as one, go ahead. No harm done.

Me: So, Angels, right? Is that what you mean?

TLV: Listen, boy, you process this any way you like. I’m just saying when it comes to spirit, I may not be acting alone. How do you think Alexa returned that “error” when you asked for one thing and got another?

Me: That wasn’t you?

TLV: What am I, the Amazon spirit? How could Alexa have known what you were doing on your computer before you went to bed? I was there with you then, but I have no connection to Alexa or Amazon or any other electronic stuff you run.

Me: OK. That’s a bit wild, but I’ll take it.


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