Five Words that Create Results

Relax, Recognize, Realize, Reason, Release

Here are my thoughts on this speech.

Relax, at ease, a reflection on the meaning and time in the military. Four-Star Generals

Stars teachers give in kindergarten begin the comparison curse. Always somebody better…

Competition with Emerson, I win. He has no chance. Dylan Thomas cannot compete. He knows why.

Recognize your brilliance. It matters not if you do or don’t believe in God or any other magical, mystical concept. Energy is unavoidable, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, and every other word that begins with “omni”, because it IS you, it made you, it drives you, you are that energy. That’s what makes you shine. Recognize it, realize it, your brilliance created your self.
You became what you thought, what you said, and what you did. You created you.

Realize the truth and the immutable evidence of how things are right now. Now is best.

Reason if you must. This will lead you to right thinking.

Release. This is the best part. You just must know the story gets better because you get better. Because you know now, you know it as a reality. Your thoughts on this and all things are what you become. That seed you planted will never grow if you keep digging it up to see how it’s doing!

Like that song that you cannot get out of your head, it’s almost an oxymoron, “Let it go.” Because you must.

Think right, so you won’t be left, and look both ways before you cross the street. Be funny but be good.