Measuring the Impact

Considering the “amount” of influence one may have on another.

If you were to devise a scale, with gradations, and the usual numbering of things, how would that look?

Imagine the weight, the length, the volume of this thing. How will we describe it? It is like trying to express just how much you love someone. Bunches, right? I love you “This much!” How many bunches, and exactly how much? This I cannot say and I’m sometimes frustrated by the idea that there is no measure for this, but then I remember what I say about science sometimes. PLEASE DON’T COUNT MY STARS! I like them just the way they are; innumerable.  

Now I’m wondering if you see where I’m going with this. I know I’m lost. It’s just a nagging feeling in my heart and gut. It is like trying to categorize people, as soon as you define the group, you see the outliers. Sometimes I use the term, “Top 10” when referring to the quality of a person. If you ask me who are the top five people on my list, I often have an answer. One of them (SURPRISE!) is actually related to me! The others know who they are because I’ve told them so.

But I’m off topic already. The answer is clear, there is no tool to measure feelings, even if your doctor says, “From one to ten, how bad is the pain?” My broken heart hurt way more than my broken thumb and THAT was a pain! Since I feel my sense of humor wanting to take over this diatribe, I’m going to just throw it out there to those who will read my silliness and ask for input from those who care. 

What do you say? How do you measure the impact people you love have had on your life? This might make for a grand argument.
Innumerable is so close to immeasurable. Like always and never, or zero and infinity, concepts are simultaneously nebulous and crystal clear.