There is nothing special about this. You decide.
The lyric goes like this: “If you love someone, set them free.”

With nearly complete disregard for the singular-plural mismatch, the point intended in this post is this; It is senseless.

Do you not think that whoever someone is that they were not already free? Is it presumptuous of you to think somehow you hold them captive? Have you put some kind of restriction upon them? Shame, I say.

That person always had free will, freedom of choice, and the ability to decide what was best for herself.

Who are you? Are you an Ogre? Are you some troll, who guards the gate, lest your captive escape? No, you call yourself a lover. You claim to want what is best for your beloved.

So how is it that you imagine you have the power to set anyone free?

As much as I know I could go on for so long on this premise, I’m going to end with this: Unconditional love means there is no premise, no pretense, the object of your affection already had the freedom you claim to have the power to bestow.

Every person is free. You are free.

Anything you believe you can do to limit the freedom of yourself or others is at the very least doubtful. Your soul and spirit know this to be true. You will question yourself if you have anything less than unconditional love for yourself or others. Be careful.