An abbreviated version of “We Think, We Are.”
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The 1 key word to happiness

Thank you, Eric Barker, for the post you wrote that started all of this.


  1. Gratitude leads to happiness.

    Be grateful for your next breath, be grateful your heart is beating without needing anything from you to continue that lovely task. Before you get out of bed or even think about getting out of bed, express gratitude in real words, out loud to the universe.
    “Thank you for my next breath.” Breathe in.
    “Thank you for my beating heart and this wonderful brain and body, the vessel that contains my soul, my spirit.” Breathe in.
    “Thank you for the health that allows me to get out of bed and start a new day.”
    Lather, rinse, repeat. There’s no time limit and you can do this all day. (But, you have things to do, so get up!)

  2. Pay attention to what is good in your life right now.

    When you focus your vision on the beauty and wonder of it all, more of it (all that good and beautiful and wonderful stuff) will come into your life.

  3. Count your blessings daily.

    Write them down – writing them on paper (or in a document on your computer) makes them real and easier to remember. Any good thing that happens to you qualifies as an item to add to your list.
    And if you want to make a longer list, look back on your life and list every good thing that has ever happened to you.
    This may be a never-ending process, or, if it has an end, it may take you days, weeks, and months to do well.


For those who enjoy research:

Pay Attention

Count your blessings.

Writing them on paper
Get a book you can write in.


Gratitude leads to Happiness.

If you click the link to the Ladders URL above, you’ll find details in that post are linked to a ton of research.

Never give up.

And the full moon is tomorrow, August 22, 2021.