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En Camino – Daytona Beach

Recalling bitter winters in Illinois and especially those of my tree-trimming career, I searched for an article I had written about that snowy-cold experience. Forty years ago now, and for some reason I remember February 1st, I...


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Lost on the Rails

She probably also said something like, “You don’t have to be the dog or pony, when you are the ringmaster.” Or maybe I made that one up.

The Gold star conundrum

Perhaps you remember this. When in kindergarten some teachers rewarded children for good behavior by putting stars next to a child’s name on a chart. My response to that was that I felt separated from my peers. And so...

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Things Not Said

I realized I had never told him how important he and his friendship were to me. That made me angry with myself. Angry tears I’ve known. Impermanence I know.

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An Enlightened Version

  An abbreviated version of “We Think, We Are.” Links to further research are below. ______________________________________________ Pay attention to what is good in your life right now. When you focus your...

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