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Addison’s Advice

Intro: Walking along or just standing on the beach in conversation with this wise elder proves to be monumentally beneficial to this author. With patience and humility, Addison offers suggestions for making progress through...


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Dreaming Again

People are going to ask, so you might want to think about your answer to the question. How is it that suddenly you have all of this money and a positive outlook on life? They might insist on having an answer to the first part...



Love Over Fear

The title of my speech is, “Love Over Fear” and is all about how to get over the anxiety you may have about speaking to a live audience.

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One Thing Leads To Another

Working for a new client in Palm Springs last week (week of November 12, 2018), I perused book titles that were nearby and noted several texts about or by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky a.k.a. H. P. Blavatsky. Today, while...

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