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There are times when I clearly recognize the possibility that my writing may have no meaning. This may be one of those. Then there are times when I start to post something I think is profound (link below) and I...


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By Comparison

Disallowed Allowing myself to compare my work with that of other writers would be discouraging, so I won’t do that. I won’t allow it AND I won’t do it. Reading other writers sometimes makes me cry. Quite often...



A Bone-Chilling Denver Experience

Yes, I added “Bone” so it would be ABCDE. I’m not talking about the weather here, as the area suffered through near record-setting heat during my brief stay. I’m hoping to soon forget the experience I had...

Write to the End

Worthy of consideration is the last thing you will do or say. “This one has a plan, and already applauds. This burns in memory, remembers and blows. This one wants to miss, opens and bites. This one has mystery, loose and...

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Addison’s Advice

Intro: Walking along or just standing on the beach in conversation with this wise elder proves to be monumentally beneficial to this author. With patience and humility, Addison offers suggestions for making progress through...

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